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By Jarek Ceborski on

Here's for the Makers, Doers and Dreamers

Why Rioll?

Makers, Doers, and Dreamers are the ones who change the World! This is why I've launched Rioll - to inspire them and push towards doing rather than staying in the thinking, as most do. Rioll means "real" -> that is 3D printing, electronic, hardware, but also usefulness and utility-first, not just projects for the sake of projects, real products that serve their purpose and bring value.

Last year I've written this Positioning Statement for Rioll:
For Makers or wanna-be Makers, who want to build connected, electronic devices but don't know how to start or are looking for creative/fun ideas, Rioll is a DIY electronic kits platform, that gives them a variety of ideas (the kits) to choose from, with start-to-finish instructions (from electronics to coding, 3D printing, mechanical design, UX, usability, ergonomics, etc.), components and materials list.
Unlike existing platforms (Ubidots, Thingsboard, Allthingstalk, Thinger, etc.), development boards (Arduino, Adafruit, STM, ESP, etc.) or communities (Instructables, Hackster, Hackaday, etc.), Rioll gives Makers the convenience of working on interesting and fun projects providing all: design, software, and instructions - with 100% guarantee of success, a great eye for design and aesthetics

Let's make it happen 🚀
Post any questions or feedback in the comments section. Follow Rioll on Instagram, Twitter and

About me

I'm a Product Designer and a former architect, but primarily, since my childhood I love making, coding and hacking. You can find my in Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

I'm Jarek, nice to meet you!
I'm Jarek, nice to meet you!
Current setup with Prusa 3D printer
Current setup with Prusa 3D printer


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