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Receive calm, offscreen notifications about important email, tweet, a person detected in your home or when your espresso machine has heated up.

Apple HomeKit integration

Thanks to powerful ESP32 module, you can connect Calm notifier to your HomeKit and take full advantage of automations and interactions with your other home accessories.

Example use cases:

HomeKit + Socket outlet:

Receive a notification after your espresso machine has heated up (e.g. after 10 mins)

HomeKit + Camera:

Receive a notification when a person is detected in your home

Apple HomeKit integration
Apple HomeKit integration

Get notified about anything you like using Zapier + Adafruit IO

Thanks to the built-in support of the MQTT protocol (The Standard for IoT Messaging) Calm notifier can be connected to almost any device, service, or API. Zapier can trigger Adafruit IO (MQTT broker) which will then talk directly to Calm notifier.

Example use cases:

Gmail + Zapier example use case:

Receive a notification about a new email from a specific person, subject, or if it has an attachment

Slack + Zapier example use case:

Receive a notification on Slack mention or message

Twitter + Zapier example use case:

Receive a notification when a specific user creates a new tweet

What will be included

  • Manual for 3D print, assembly and setup (eBook PDF)
  • 3D Model (STL) + Fusion 360 editable (F3D)
  • Binary file (firmware) + open-source code


Assembly time
1h 30m
3D Printing beginner
Soldering beginner
C++ intermediate (optional)
3D printer
Soldering iron
Allen key
ESP32 Wroover Kit
8x Screws M3
8x threaded insert M3
No software needed when using binary file
For building from source code:
• VS Code with ESP-IDF
• FreeRTOS
• Espressif HomeKit SDK
9cm x 9cm x 5cm 3,5'' x 3,5'' x 1,9''
Coming soon

Includes: eBook (PDF), Source code, 3D model (STL + F3D)

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